Meet Information

Welcome to the website for the 2nd Massachusetts Middle School State Relays.  All middle school track and field athletes from public, private, and parochial schools, in grades 5-8, are eligible to participate.   Please review the website for all meet information and registration deadlines.

Saturday, May 10, 2025

Division 1: 9:30 AM start

Division 2: 3:00 PM start

Facility: To be determined


Email the Meet Director for an Excel spreadsheet to enter your athletes.

  • Deadline for Intent to Enter online form is Friday, April 25, 2025.
  • Deadline to register is Friday, May 2, 2025.
  • Boys and Girls from the SAME school should be entered on the same Excel spreadsheet.
  • No Late Meet Entries.
  • Meet Fee Payment or School Purchase Order must be received by Tuesday, May 6, 2025 or a $100.00 late fee will be assessed.    

Entry Fees:

  • The entry fee is $18.00 for each relay team entered.
  • Note that you owe for each entry made on-line. There are NO REFUNDS for scratches or “no shows.”
  • All entry fee questions should be sent to the [email protected].

Meet Rules and Guidelines:

  1. The Meet Director requires that you complete an Intent to Enter form by 9 p.m., Friday, April 25, 2025.  Click INTENT TO ENTER
  2. The USATF rule book will be followed during the meet.
  3. Athletes who participate on another school sport during the spring, other than track and field, are not eligible to compete for their school team.
  4. No combining schools together unless your school has a co-op agreement(in writing) with another school.
  5. The following track events will be offered: 4x100m, 4x100m hurdles, 4x200m, 4x400m, 4x800m, sprint medley(400m, 200m, 200m, 800m), distance medley(800m, 400m, 1200m, 1600m). Starting blocks are only allowed in the 4x100m.
  6. The following field events will be offered: long jump, high jump, shot put, discus, and turbo javelin. For each field event that a school enters, three athletes compete as a team with each competitor’s best attempt contributing to a total team performance. For example if Jones Middle School enters a long jump team and gets the following results: Sally 14′, Gwen 13′ and Gabby 12′ – their total team performance was 39′. In the high jump each jumper gets three attempts at a height, but is only allowed a total of 6 jumps in the event.
  7. A school may enter a B team in any of the relays, but only one relay may score points.
  8. An athlete may participate in a maximum of three events.
    If a school has a grade that is not eligible to compete, the enrollment for that grade will be subtracted from the school’s total enrollment number (grades 6-8).  A letter from the school’s Principal must be emailed to the Meet Director stating what grade is not eligible to compete. If a school does not have an 8th grade(meaning the 8th graders from that district attend the high school instead) then that school drops down a division.  If a school has an 8th grade but their 8th graders have to compete with the varsity program in that district, they MAY compete with their middle school team at this meet.  If a district has any 6th-8th graders who are enrolled in a high school that does not have a middle school team, they may compete as a “middle school team” under their school name, but may NOT be combined with kids from a different school(example an upper elementary school).  Any other unusual configuration/circumstance will be reviewed by the Meet Director who will make the final determination based on the integrity of the meet. 
  9. Private schools must email enrollment data (boys and girls) to the Meet Director.
  10. The top 6 relay teams in each event will receive medals.
  11. Scoring for top 6 relay teams: 10-8-6-4-2-1
  12. The top 3 teams will bring home a team plaque.
  13. All competitors in the throwing events and long jump are allowed 3 attempts. All competitors in the high jump are allowed a maximum of 6 attempts.
  14. All long jumpers and high jumpers should arrive to the meet with their steps pre-measured. Measuring tapes will be attached to the long jump runways and will be available at the high jump area to assist athletes.
  15. Throwers must use the throwing implements provided at the meet.  Any thrower using his/her own implements will be disqualified.
  16. Non-competitors (parents, coaches, and athletes) are NOT allowed inside the fence surrounding the track.

Insurance Waiver:

The meet is sanctioned by USA Track & Field. Each competitor must submit an Assumption of Risk / Waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian (not the coach) before they will be issued any bib number or be allowed to compete. It is the coach’s responsibility to submit a signed document for each athlete they have entered. These must be presented on meet day, and be ordered alphabetically. After verification, the coach will receive their meet materials.

An Athletic Trainer and EMT will be onsite.

Contact Info:

Meet Director:  [email protected]

Payment Address:

Northeast Middle School Meets, 4 Parsons Road, Hubbardston, MA  01452


  • General admission is $7.00.   Kids under 12 get in for free.
  • A refreshment concession will be available.